Anti-wrinkle injections:

1 Area £175
2 Areas £250
3 Areas £300
Additional areas £50

Supplement for Men: Up to £50 (will depend on number of extra units required)

The above pricing can include treatments to the following areas:
Forehead, frown lines, crows feet, 'bunny lines' (nasalis), chemical brow lift, 'gummy' smile, downturned mouth corners.

Platysmal bands (Nefertiti Neck lift / 'Turkey' Neck) £350
Jaw Reduction / Teeth grinding £350
Excessive Sweating £400
Migraine from £400


Lips £300
Cheeks £300
Naso-labial (nose to mouth) lines £300
Marionette (mouth to chin) lines £300
Jawline definition £350
Tear Troughs £350
Hand rejuvenation £350
Chin £350
Temples £350
Brow Lift £350
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £500
Ellanse (collagen stimulator) from £350
Dissolving HA filler with Hyaluronidase from £200

Facial contouring and rejuvenation packages are available if multiple areas require treatment - these would be bespoke to you, therefore would have individual pricing structures. Please do not hesitate to ask us more about this if you are interested.

Skin Treatments:

Redensity 1 skin booster £300 / £500 for two
Profhilo® £350 / £650 for two
Keloid scar steroid injection from £75
The Perfect Peel™ £350
Cosmelan by Mesoesthetic £750
ZO Blue Peel (20% TCA) £800
Dermamelan by Mesoesthetic £1000

PDO Threads:

Silhouette Soft priced at £200 per thread (minimum of 6)
Face lifting from £1200
Skin tightening from £300

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP):

(can be used for face - 'vampire facial', hands, neck, decolletage or scalp)
Single treatment £450
Course of three £1200

Fat Dissolving Injections:

Face / Neck from £350
Abdomen / Back / Arms / Legs from £400
Medical Weight Management from £450 per month

IV Nutrition:

Price range: £150 - £225

Vitamin B12 shots £65

Listed prices are for Coventry clinic only. Prices in sister clinics may vary - please
contact us or visit specific clinic website for current prices