Does it hurt and is it obvious that I have had treatment?


The injections are done using a very fine needle and are therefore virtually painless (we do not need to use a numbing (anaesthetic) cream). Most treatments can be done within 15 minutes and the immediate redness / swelling usually settles within a further 15 minutes. Due to this, many clients have this as a ‘lunchtime treatment’ as it is so discreet. 

When will I notice the effects of treatment and how long will they last?

Most clients will notice the effects within a few days, but the maximal effect of treatment is usually at around the two week mark. Areas in the face treated with Botox® will need further treatment after approximately 3-4 months

Are there any side effects of treatment and should I avoid anything afterwards?

There are usually little to no side effects, but as with any treatment there is the potential for them. The commonest are injection-site reactions, very mild bruising and some forehead heaviness (if this is the area treated). Post-treatment advice includes: staying upright for 3 hours after treatment, avoid touching the area, no exercise / sauna / steam rooms for 24 hours and no alcohol on the same day.

Are there any reasons I cannot have treatment?

We do not advise any treatment if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have any neuro-muscular conditions (e.g. myasthenia gravis) you cannot have treatment. Any allergies to any of the contents of the treatment injections. If you are on ‘aminoglycoside’ antibiotics (e.g. gentamicin), treatment has to be delayed.